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Welcome to information designer Remi Evjenth Løvik’s home on the interweb. Feel free to have a look around.
If you interested in what I do and what we can do together, read on. I can offer you my insights and experience based in: information design, graphic design, web design and information architecture to create customized design solutions to suit your needs. I am always interested to hear about your new and exiting ideas. Please contact me at any time to suggest a new project, I can contribute in these areas:

Information design

Information design is based in user-oreinted communication. A typical project may involve digital media, diagramming, form design, complex page layouts, web design or even wayfinding.

I have focused my skills in analytical design knowledge, with experience and education I have become an articulate design practitioner. I cultivate observation, evaluation, and analysis to support creative design. My skill set involves understanding the way people interact with visually presented information and how design can best support the mental work that people do.

Graphic design

My experience with graphic design ranges, a typical project may involve book design, cd-cover design, editorial/newspaper design, branding and more.

With my bachelor based in printed design I have a passion for most graphic design fields and especially printed detail typography. I can offer you solutions in most disciplines and I am happy to take on challenges. Let’s work together to get your message across in exiting ways! Have a look at my printed portfolio in the projects section to see some graphic design work.

Web site analysis

A web portal analysis brings together knowledge from information design, webdesign, information architecture and professional research to create an ideal user experience.

A site is intended to engage members fully, to serve their needs, as well as to reach out beyond the site and engage new members. In a site report I analyze and explain the actions that need to be done to reach and broaden a clients audience. A report includes analysis of design and navigational conventions, web standards, information archi-
tecture, functionality and user experience analysis. The report brings together documented and
solution oriented theory to bring forth the websites message and potential.

Web site analysis & solution

Here I bring together research, analysis and design to create a honed design solution that clearly communicate the intended message to your audience.

This is a total re-polish of a web presence. The final product will include: an analysis of your present web site/portal, a solution oriented design manual and visuals for how to solve the problems your site may have. Depending on the clients wants and needs, the level of redesign can range from wireframing to a finished and published design solution. The final product will be a honed web site where every design decision is argumented. At the end of the process the site and its documentation is a testimony, stating the quality of the new solution.


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Bgen web solution and analysis

The new web redesign brings together information design, webdesign, information architecture and professional research to create an ideal user experience. Bgen’s new portal is intended to engage members fully, to serve their needs, as well as to reach out beyond the site and engage new members. In this project I explored and visualize the actions that need to be done to achieve the user experience needed to broaden Bgen’s audience.

The solution integrates several web based platforms to take advantage of: CMS (Content management system) content publishing, Twitter, Facebook and a forum platform for on site interaction. Integration with thoughts on search engine optimisation and website architecture are one of the majore

The final product is reflected both in visual solution, documented analysis report and design manual. Have a look at final report at issuu or download the pdf.

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WorkDone iPhone Application

“WorkDone” is an iPhone tool for sharing, discussing and organizing work tasks. The main goal of WorkDone is to be a forum for gathering information and experiences about pending tasks. The application is intended for a small network of users who have the same interest in mind: getting tasks done.

The content is mainly user generated and is dependent on consistent use and interaction. Shared information and experience that’s frequently updated can help everyday work life and project efficiency.

Social networks is at the forefront when it comes to sharing ideas and information. WorkDone utilizes this efficient way of sharing information and puts it to use in a work environment.

This project also included a forty page research, design and function specification.

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Weekendavisen redesign

Weekendavisen is a Danish newspaper with focus on cultural and humanistic values. It’s history stems back to the 18th century and was published as early as 1749. The articles are of a high journalistic standard and the newspaper brings forth essay like publications with focus on politics, books and cultural events.

The spirit of the redesign is to bring the editorial design up to the standard of the journalistic work. The new design gives it a modern look and also preserves the newspapers historic heritage. The product is a educational assignment.

Full redesign Weekendavisen.

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Great Philosophy Biographies

A pocket book series with biographies from famous philosophers. Every philosopher is identified with both a colour and an animal. The skeleton and abstract shapes represents the philosophers identity and contribution to the field of philosophy.

The project was done with guidance from Aud Gloppen senior designer at Blast design. Aud is a premiered Norwegian book designer and has been premiered with several awards in the prestigious contest: Årets vakreste bøker (The years most beautiful books).

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Printed portfolio

The last assignment to conclude my BA was to create a printed portfolio. The portfolio was to contain ten of my best projects, their briefs and comments on the completed design. Together with the printed portfolio we were also tasked with presenting an exhibition of the content. The project was to be examined by three of the University Collages lecturing staff together with two external working designers. I am happy to inform that the project was concluded and greatly approved by the examiners and gave me the opportunity to study abroad.

The printed portfolio contains 120 pages with text written in Norwegian.

If you are interested in having a look at the whole portfolio you can flip through it on

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Digital newspaper publishing

iNewsPublish is a publishers template solution intended for small newspapers who wants to get in to digital newspaper publishing. The content is generated by journalists and photographers, edited by the graphic designers and published by the editors.

iNewsPublish utilizes this efficient publishing done in Apples app store to publish information in a growing niche. Tablets are at the forefront when it comes to easy updates and simple digital reading and sharing. The final design is meant to be conceptual so to keep the solution open for implementing any kind of brand.

This project is not finished and is still in the concept phase, visit soon to see the work progress.

  • Bgen web solution and analysis

    Bgen web solution and analysis

  • WorkDone iPhone Application

    WorkDone iPhone Application

  • Weekendavisen redesign

    Weekendavisen redesign

  • Great Philosophy Biographies

    Great Philosophy Biographies

  • Printed portfolio

    Printed portfolio

  • Digital newspaper publishing

    Digital newspaper publishing


To achieve high quality in my work I live and work by following design philosophies and patterns. These help me deliver products that live up to your and my expectations. Discovering, analyzing and honing ideas, transforming concepts and making great design solutions are part of the whole. But at the core lies analysis, research and fundamental design conventions.


The first phase of a work process is to discover what kind of product you want to produce. Together we will look at your initial ideas and gain an understanding of the project, then determine the scope of what we’ll be doing. After honing down the specifics I may provide you with rough concept work to ensure we’re on the right track to a great product.


In the transforming phase we lay the foundation for building a good user experience. Now that the rough design is approved, we launch in to making and approving: the design theory, wireframes and initial design. This will make the final product development go smoother. And will also do away with much of the uncertainty in the making phase.


Making is the final part of the design process. Now we bring all the previous steps together, focusing on clear communication. During this phase you will see concepts turned into polished designs. At this stage the communication is rapid, we will communicate back and forth until you are thoroughly satisfied with the finished product.

Research & documentation

I strongly believe in proper research and documented design work. Research is essential to conclude with arguments for every design decision. Design is a pattern of deliberate and calculated contrasts. As a designer my task is to create the ideal contrasts and find an argument for the placement of every pixel. What this means for you is better quality of work and a documented design solution with arguments for every decision.

Design insurance

There you have it, everything is laid out so that both you and I know what is going to happen and what you can expect from a project. It’s important that both the client and the designer knows what is expected when starting and finishing a project. You can be sure what to expect and know that the product is delivered in full and of highest quality possible.


Hi there, the page you are currently visiting is designed and maintained by me; Remi Evjenth Løvik. I am an educated designer with a passion for information design, typography and digital publishing. Typografil is my personal brand and I have been working with it since 2008.

❝ Typografil is norwegian for typophile,
typophile roughly meaning: ‘to love typography’ ❞

My education is purely media based, starting at a high school level specialising in media and communications. I later decided to further my knowledge in the same subject and finished my bachelors degree in media design at Gjøvik university collage in 2010. Finishing with an A on my exhibition I decided to apply for a higher degree. I finished my masters degree in Information design at Reading University in September 2011. I also finished my dissertation the same year:  Interaction Design for Multi-platform Publishing. At the moment I am working as an Interaction Designer at Knowit Reaktor in Stavanger, Norway.

Other things I enjoy are: reading books, I have a passion for coffee and my lovely wife.

This is also my personal playground on the web and I am sorry if the state of it is a bit bonkers. I have a passion for new technology and therefore I need to test it some where. I‛ll try to keep it in the background, but give me a shout if you don’t find what your looking for.